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Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra with Caroline Shaw and Shara Worden

Group Type Green Guest

Next Performance FEB 21

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Danú, Traditional Irish Band

Group Type Green Concert

Next Performance MAR 10

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SilkRoad: Global Musician Workshop

Group Type Summer Program

Next Performance JUN 19

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21CMPosium: A Symposium Like No Other

21st-Century Musician

The 21st-Century Musician Initiative is a complete re-imagining of the skills, tools, and experiences necessary to create musicians of the future instead of the past. is an online, professional resource created expressly to help serious musicians thrive, not just survive, in today’s modern musical landscape. The site combines a magazine focused on people, organizations, projects and innovations with live events, and educational tools.

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Green Concert: Judson Green and Eighth Element in 2015

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Can you point to the very moment you got hooked on practicing – when you made the decision to embark on a journey to become a musician and all that goes with that. Embracing the “joy of the struggle.” Practicing.

Judd Greenstein is the quintessential 21st Century Musician. Balancing a career as both a composer and the co-director of New Amsterdam Records, among other artistic pursuits, he is a tireless advocate for new music and the development of young artists.

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