Recital hour serves as a weekly meeting where students can hone their performance skills in front of a supportive audience, as well as allowing students to learn from the performance of their peers. Additionally, this time serves as a chance for the School of Music to come together as a unit.

The recital attendance requirement helps instill an awareness of the value and importance musicians place on being active listeners and attentive audience members. To take part as a member of the audience in the live performances of one’s peers and mentors is a crucial step in becoming an educated musician.

All music majors must enroll in MUS 001 (Recital Attendance, 0 credit) during each semester in residence. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music must register for MUS 001 each semester in residence after the music major has been declared. Students declaring the minor in music must register for four semesters of recital attendance. Students declaring a jazz minor must register for two semesters of recital attendance.

Disability Accommodation Policy

The School of Music, in cooperation with the Office of Student Disability Services instead of Office of Disability Accommodation, complies with Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act in making reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. Please present your written request to the instructor as soon as possible so that the necessary arrangements may be made.

Release of Grades

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)(1974) does not permit faculty or staff to report grades by phone or email, and progress may not be discussed with anyone other than the student.

Class Policies and Grading

Grades for MUS 001 will be given as Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U).

Grades are based on student attendance at both the weekly Recital Hour and completing the required number of recital attendances needed for the semester.


  • Students must attend the weekly recital hour. A student is permitted 3 excused absences from recital hour, but no more than 1 unexcused absences. Excused absences include graduate school auditions, documented illness, or family emergencies. Other excuses will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students must attend 12 recitals (not counting recital hours) each semester. A list of recitals is available on the School of Music website (
    • Each approved recital/concert will count as one.
    • Students may request that up to two (2) off-campus performances count for recital attendance credit.  Off-campus concerts must be approved by the Dean in advance, and students must provide a program or ticket stub as proof of concert attendance.
    • No recital attendance credit is earned for ensemble performances or recitals in which the student is a performer.
    • Students must arrive on time and stay for the entire event in order to receive credit for attending.
  • Students are responsible for checking with the event ushers to be sure their recital attendance is recorded for the event. Students must present a valid university ID to be given credit for attendance. Licenses, ID numbers, or other identification will not be accepted. Attendance credit will not be given after the event.
  • Grades earned in MUS 001 will remain on the transcript, with the following exception: if a student wishes to change a U grade to an S grade, he or she may do so by attending an additional twelve recital/concerts and all recital hours in the subsequent semester in residence. After this point U grades may not be changed.  Students who receive of U for recital attendance due to lack of attendance at the weekly recital hour may not have the grade changed.
  • Beginning in 2017, no recital attendance will be given for the Holiday Gala.

Students who meet the above attendance guides will receive a grade of S. If a student misses too many recital hours or does not attend 12 recitals, that student will receive a grade of U.

If you must be absent from Recital Hour, you are responsible for contacting Associate Dean Caroline Jetton – – in advance, explaining the reason for your absence. 

If a class conflict with Recital Hour is unavoidable, please contact Associate Dean Caroline Jetton to explain the situation.

University Academic Integrity Policy

Cheating, plagiarism, submission of the work of others, etc. violates DePauw policy on academic integrity and may result in penalties ranging from a lowered grade to course failure or expulsion. The policy and discussion of each student’s obligations and rights are in the Student Handbook.

In regard to recital attendance and recital hour, this means that you will not misrepresent your attendance at events.