21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship

21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship equips music faculty to teach the skills and mindset to succeed in the professional world. Faculty will learn how to foster the creative energies of the entrepreneur, empower students to launch projects of their own invention, and engage communities in which they live.

Driven by the shared belief that education is a lifelong process of learning how to make the world a better place, 21CM Institute for Music Entrepreneurship was launched out of a sense of urgency to better prepare the next generation of arts leaders; a conviction that the arts must play a central role in a society that is more open and hopeful; a deep belief in the value of experiential learning; and a commitment to the notion that career success in music is defined in three parts: a life of means - the ability to care for those whom you love most; a life of meaning - to do good work that creates lasting impact; and the chance to give back, with special attention to those at the margins of our communities.

Leveraging the framework of The 21CM Introduction to Music Entrepreneurship, participants will learn from Mark Rabideau and some of the field’s leading scholars and practitioners of music entrepreneurship.

The world of music is changing and so must the ways in which we prepare musicians for this world. Traditional career opportunities - orchestras, opera houses, and academic institutions - are shrinking. Simultaneously, today’s millennial optimistically seek careers rich in equal parts means, meaning, and the chance to give back are exploring the profession in ways as unique as their own talents and passions. 

More over, schools of music across the country recognize the need to prepare their students to think and act entrepreneurially, however, many do not have the internal resources or personnel to do so. 21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship addresses this concern.

21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship aims to simultaneously impact two generations of artist-entrepreneurs (faculty mentors and aspiring musicians) by training-the-trainer, equipping entrepreneurially-curious faculty to prepare the next generation of musicians to travel down paths not yet forged, foster an entrepreneurial-mindset, and leverage their creative energies to impact their communities when sharing the transformative powers of the arts.

Program Sessions  

  • Explore  the mindsets of the artist-entrepreneur – curiosity, creativity, collaboration, tenacity;
  • Workshop ideas through hands-on activities led by change agents;
  • Big Ideas explores the larger pedagogical and epistemological approaches to creating the artist-entrepreneur;
  • Be A Student allows us to think like a beginner again and learn new skills required for the life of the artist-entrepreneur;
  • Ideas to Action challenges your cohort to identify the need, gap or opportunity you hope to address and launch your own community-based project in Greencastle, IN;
  • Socialize after a day of being an artist-entrepreneur and connect to colleagues in the field.

Who should participate?
Music faculty, graduate students, and arts leaders interested in learning how to teach music entrepreneurship and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Who will I work with?
Mark Rabideau, Director, 21st Century Musician Initiative at DePauw University
Melissa Snoza, Executive Director, Fifth House Ensemble
Elizabeth Hinckley, President/CEO DefCult
Julia Torgovitskya, CEO iCadenza
Mary Javian, Chair of Career Studies, Curtis Institute
Eric Edberg, Professor, DePauw University

Special performance: SYBARITE5

What are the dates?
Registration is between 3:00-6:00 PM on Sunday, July 8, 2018 
Departure: Saturday morning, July 14, 2018 

Where is 21CM Institute held?
DePauw University, Greencastle, IN 46135 

How much does 21CM Institute cost?
21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship - $1,750 includes tuition, housing, and meals. 

When is the application deadline?
July 1, 2018 or until filled. 

When will I know of my acceptance?
Limited to 20 participants, acceptance is confirmed only after your application is complete and submitted and payment has been made in full.