DePauw Chamber Singers
and DePauw University Choir
“Comings and Goings”
Kristina Boerger, director of choirs
Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Gobin Methodist Church, 307 Simpson

The DePauw University Choirs, directed by Kristina Boerger, invite you to Gobin Church on April 12 for a 7:30 p.m. program titled “Comings and Goings.” The evening’s selections refer to departures and arrivals of all sorts -- locational and metaphorical. Sacred pieces hail from the shape-note repertoire of Early America, pre-Christian rites in the Caucasus Mountains, Jamaican gospel and revival traditions, and J. S. Bach’s Lutheran ministry in Leipzig. Folk idioms from Muslim and Christian Bulgaria will be heard alongside tunes from Appalachia and Scotland and the gospel harmony style of the American South. The music of living composers elevates the verse of Seamus de Brun, Edmund Waller, William Butler Yeats, and that most Buddhist of Hebrew teachers, the mysterious Ecclesiastes.

About the Ensembles
The DePauw Chamber Singers is a select 24-member group that performs small-scale choral works and chamber music. The ensemble’s performances feature pieces ranging from the early renaissance to the 21st century. This challenging repertoire facilitates the development of skills necessary in becoming an advanced choral singer and musician.

The DePauw University Chorus offers opportunities for both beginning and advanced students. These 50-60 mixed voices perform music from a diverse body of choral repertoire with traditional and non-traditional voicings and sounds, including at least one of the great choral masterworks each year.

General Admission: Free