Public School Programs

Greencastle Middle School

In 2012-2013, the DePauw University School of Music formally adopted the Greencastle Middle School music program. DePauw students put their skills into action by assisting with the Greencastle Middle School choirs and bands in rehearsals, small group lessons and one-on-one time with students. As part of the adoption, the School of Music founded a middle school jazz ensemble—the only public school jazz ensemble in Putnam County—led by DePauw students under the direction of the School of Music Dean. This program was initially funded in part through a grant from the Putnam County Community Foundation.

Youth String Program

In partnership with the Office of the Superintendent of the Greencastle Community School Corporation and Tzouanakis Intermediate School, the DePauw School of Music has taken the first steps in creating a string program in the public schools.

Beginning Fall 2015, more than 150 fourth graders at Tzouanakis Intermediate School were given 10 days of free class instruction on violins provided by the School of Music.  After the initial in-school instruction, those wishing to continue meet once a week during the school day and once a week after school.  This program will continue into the spring semester.  Plans are in place to continue the program into the fifth grade in 2016-2017, with the eventual goal of expanding into other schools and creating a youth string orchestra.

“The adoption will be a win-win situation for both my students and for the DePauw students. My students will get extra help and attention that they need, and the DePauw students will get hands-on teaching and learning situations.”

- Kathryn Dory, director of Greencastle Middle School music program

     This program is supported, in part, by the D'Addario Foundation.

21st-Century Musician

The 21st-Century Musician Initiative is a complete re-imagining of the skills, tools, and experiences necessary to create musicians of the future instead of the past. is an online, professional resource created expressly to help serious musicians thrive, not just survive, in today’s modern musical landscape. The site combines a magazine focused on people, organizations, projects and innovations with live events, and educational tools.

Explore the World of a 21st-Century Musician

Green Concert: Judson Green and Eighth Element in 2015