Curriculum Overview

At DePauw, we not only teach students to be the best players and singers they can be; we emphasize extended exposure to 21st-century musicians, cultural community leadership and engagement, and practices that help young musicians strategically earn a living while building a meaningful life as a performing musician. Our newly revised curriculum provides a variety of chances for students to grow.

Core Music Courses

The core music courses at DePauw include courses such at Theory I-IV, Musicianship I-V, Conducting, and a sequence of Music History courses.

Private Lessons and Ensembles

All DePauw music students participate in private lessons and major ensembles each semester on campus.  All instrumental students enroll in chamber music courses during their undergraduate studies, while voice students student the performance of musical theatre and opera repertoire.

21CM Courses

The 21CM curriculum consists of a set of new and revitalized courses including Understanding Music – a course to integrate first year students into 21CM, State of the Art, Entrepreneurship, a practicum course and a set of relevant and ever-changing topics courses to prepare students for a career in music in the 21st Century.

Degree Specific Courses

Each degree requires a set of courses specific to that degree and instrument area.  Select an area of study to learn more about each degree.

All School of Music degree programs require a minimum of 36 credits to graduate.
Visit the DePauw University course catalog for a full listing of courses.  Specific degree requirements can be found under each area of study.

21st-Century Musician

The 21st-Century Musician Initiative is a complete re-imagining of the skills, tools, and experiences necessary to create musicians of the future instead of the past. is an online, professional resource created expressly to help serious musicians thrive, not just survive, in today’s modern musical landscape. The site combines a magazine focused on people, organizations, projects and innovations with live events, and educational tools.

Explore the World of a 21st-Century Musician

Susan Miller '14 performs in Chicago