String professors teach  all applied lessons and string classes and direct string ensembles. They are recitalists, studio artists, clinicians, and judges for state, regional and national competitions.

Degree Options

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music with a Second Major

Bachelor of Music with an Emphasis in Business

5-Year Double Degree: Bachelor Music and Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Musical Arts

Bachelor of Musical Arts with a Second Major

Bachelor of Musical Arts with an Emphasis in Business

Bachelor of Music Education – Instrumental/General

Bachelor of Arts – Major in Music (College of Liberal Arts)


There are a variety of opportunities for string plyers. Students participate in the DePauw University Orchestra through auditions held at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, a variety of string chamber ensembles are offered each semester.

Master Classes

Master teachers are invited to campus to work with DePauw string students in various instructional and performance settings. Recent clinicians include Yo-Yo Ma, Baroque violinist Stanley Ritche, bassist Ju-Fang Liu, and internationally renowned violinist Federico Agostini.

Off-Campus Study

There are opportunity for both international and domestic off-campus study. Locations recently selected include Vienna, Milan, Paris, London, Dresden, New York, Philadelphia, and Florence.

Degree Specific Courses

Symphonic Literature, Pedagogy, Junior & Senior Recital (required for B.M. students), String Quartet, String Trio, Cello Ensemble

String Faculty