Rental instruments will be made available to students free of initial charge for use in private lessons and/or School of Music ensembles. In order to rent an instrument from the School of Music, the student must discuss with the Director of Productions, or a student staff member, what instrument he/she/they will be renting and completely fill out an Instrument Rental Agreement form, abiding by the following terms:

The student agrees to assume full responsibility for the care and maintenance of the instrument and all included accessories, and will assume full financial responsibility for any damage to, or the loss of, the instrument and/or accessories.

All rental instruments must be returned or renewed by the due date indicated on the rental agreement form; the fall semester due date being the last day of fall final exams and the spring semester date being the day following commencement. All instruments must be returned or renewed before summer break. If a student fails to return or renew the instrument by said date, the following actions will be taken:

  • His/her/Their student account will be charged $10 for every day following the due date that the instrument has not been returned. After 30 days, the account will be charged the full replacement cost of the instrument.

All of the above mentioned policies and penalties apply to any accessories included with the instrument. All renewals and extensions must be filed through the Faculty Secretary before each semester’s due date or the instrument will be considered late.

Care of Instruments and Proper Storage

Students should properly store both University owned and personal instruments at all times. When not in use, instruments should be kept in students’ assigned lockers. Students should not leave instruments in classrooms, ensemble rooms, practice rooms, or any other common area.

Any instruments that are left in these areas may be turned into the SoM office. If a student must reclaim an instrument (University owned or personal) from the office, the student must complete a care waiver and the student account will be charged a $25 fee per instrument for the temporary storage.