Scheduling Pianos for Concerts

At the time an event is scheduled through the Event Coordinator, notice must be given to the Event Coordinator regarding piano needs for that event.

Faculty and students must discuss with the Event Coordinator the need for using a prepared piano for an event, since only designated pianos may be used for that purpose.

Submitting Requests for Piano Maintenance

Faculty and students who wish to request piano maintenance must submit a Piano Maintenance Request Form to the Event Coordinator, who will schedule maintenance with the piano technician. Faculty who request work for pianos in their studios must provide information on the  availability of the studio during the week following the request.

Time will be reserved in each of the concert halls for the piano technician to tune and repair the concert grands, and this scheduled time must be respected.  The technician should not be disturbed while working nor be asked to move out of the hall.

Use of Concert Grands

The concert grands in Kresge Auditorium and Thompson Recital Hall are to remain locked and covered, with keys being distributed to the piano faculty and staff accompanists. All other faculty who need to use one of the concert grands may ask the Event Coordinator for the code to the lockbox that contains a key to the keyboard lock. (In Thompson the lockbox is on the technical closet door backstage. In Kresge it is located on the dressing room door.) It is the responsibility of the user to put on the keyboard lock, cover the piano, and return the key to the lockbox after each use.

Student accompanists may check out a piano lock key on a temporary basis from the Faculty Secretary.

The concert grands will only be available for use in the Green Center and will not be moved to other venues on campus.

In order to protect the finish of the piano cases, items (including coats, keys, books, food, drinks, etc.) should not be placed on the lids or keyboard covers.

Reserving Rehearsal Times in Concert Halls

Faculty who are preparing for a recital may schedule four hours of rehearsal time in the venue prior to the performance; students who are performing senior recitals may reserve the hall for three hours of rehearsal; students presenting junior recitals are eligible to reserve the hall for one and a half hours of rehearsal time. Students who are scheduled to perform in a recital hour may reserve twenty minutes of rehearsal time prior to the performance. (See Event Scheduling Policy and Room Reservation Policy for full details on scheduling Halls.)

Practice Room Pianos

No food or drink (except water) is permitted in practice rooms.

Sign-up sheets are placed outside designated practice rooms to give piano majors first priority of use. Any student may use these rooms when they are not signed out by piano majors.

Vertical pianos and electronic keyboards should not be moved out of the practice rooms.

Use of Harpsichord

The harpsichords are to be played by music faculty and students who are trained keyboardists approved by the Dean of the School of Music. The newest harpsichord will be kept in a locked practice room, and faculty and students can check out a key from the Faculty Secretary.

If a harpsichord is needed for a recital in the Green Center, arrangements for use must be made through the Event Coordinator at least one month in advance in order for tuning and maintenance to be completed.  The harpsichords will not be available for concerts held in venues other than the Green Center.

Items (including coats, keys, lamps, candles, etc.) should not be placed on the lid of the harpsichord. The case should be closed when it is not in use.

Users of the harpsichord should not move it on or off the stage until given instructions by the Event Coordinator on how to move it safely.

The harpsichord may not be used as a prop - it is a musical instrument.

Use of Organs

The organs on campus (including the practice organs, the organ in Kresge Auditorium, the organ in Thompson Hall, and the organ in Meharry Hall) are to be used by music faculty and students who are trained organists or who are studying applied organ. 

If any of the organs are needed for a recital, performance and practice arrangements should be made through the University Organist and the Event Coordinator at least one month in advance. The organ practice rooms should not be used for storage and items should not be placed on or near the consoles of the concert organs.

Unlike campus piano and harpsichord maintenance, a technician is not available to maintain the organs on a weekly basis. If you find mechanical or tuning problems, please contact the University Organist.