All recitals by students will be designated as “Student Recitals,” with additional qualifying information listed inside the program (e.g., that the student is “presenting the recital in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a B.M. in performance”).

Approved by the music faculty, December 6, 2001.

There will be no recitals during the last week of the semester except under emergency circumstances with permission of the Dean.

Language of this latter paragraph revised by the music faculty, February 28, 2002.

Scheduling Recitals and Recital Juries

See the Event Scheduling Policy.

Student Recital Hours

Student Recital Hours, generally held on Wednesday at 10:20 a.m., are scheduled by the Event Coordinator.

Students who wish to perform on a recital should fill out and submit the online Student Recital Hour request form from the Music Office and return it the Event Coordinator no later than seven days preceding the recital date. The form must be signed by the applied music teacher and accompanist, or the chamber ensemble faculty coach. The form must include the complete repertoire to be performed, including the composers’ full names and dates, names of movements, and precise timings for each selection. The Event Coordinator will schedule the performance, create the order of the program, and confirm with the students when they are scheduled to perform.  No time on the recital will be reserved until the scheduling form has been submitted and received by the Event Coordinator.

Individual performers and student chamber ensembles may perform on only one recital hour each semester and will be limited to a total of eight minutes.

B.M. Junior and Senior Recitals

Students who have passed the Sophomore Proficiency Exam and have declared the Bachelor of Music degree are required to present Junior and Senior Recitals.

  • Junior Recitals are at least 25 minutes of music per student with a total time of no more than 30 minutes. Please time all elements of your performance carefully to conform to these firm time requirements.
  • Senior Recitals are at least 50 minutes of music with a total time of no more than 60 minutes. Please time all elements of your performance carefully to conform to these firm time requirements.
Approved by the music faculty, December 12, 2013.

In order to schedule junior or senior recitals, students must fill out and submit the online Student Recital request form.  After this form is submitted, the Event Coordinator will then reserved a time for the recital, place it on the School of Music event calendar, and confirm the dates with the students.

Students and their studio teachers are responsible for scheduling recital juries no less than two weeks prior to the recital and should reserve the space through the Faculty Secretary.

Program materials should be submitted to the applied teacher for approval at least one week before the recital jury. After completion of the jury, all program materials must be approved, signed by the applied teacher, and submitted to the Coordinator of Marketing and Publications, and must include: the program in concert order with complete titles, movements, composers' full names and dates, and any other information that the student and the applied teacher deem appropriate as inserts, such as program notes and song texts and translations. Failure to submit the above materials on time may result in the absence of a printed program. Juniors presenting a joint recital should submit one combined set of program materials.

A student should not advertise a recital until the School of Music Administrative staff has been notified of the successful completion of the recital jury.

Elective Student Recitals

Students may also schedule recitals that are not required in the degree program by submitting the online Student Recital request form indicating the recital is an elective recital.  The Event Coordinator will seek confirmation from the studio teacher that the student is approved to present a recital and then confirm the date with the student.  If approval is granted, students must pass a recital jury no later than two weeks before the recital date.  Students choosing to give an Elective Recital should follow the guidelines posted in the Junior and Senior Recital section regarding scheduling and program materials. Scheduling for Elective Recitals will be done only on a time and space available basis.

Students giving an Elective Recital must complete a minimum of 25 minutes of music per student.

Students wishing to perform an Elective Recital on a secondary instrument must have the approval of their primary teachers, secondary teachers, and their advisors, and must follow all requirements above for Elective Recitals on a primary instrument.

Updated by the music faculty, December 3, 2015.

First and Second Year Student Performances

First and second year students are encouraged to perform frequently in studio classes, master classes, and on student recital hours. Only in exceptional circumstances will they be permitted to present half or full recitals in the evening hours.

Language revised by the music faculty, February 28, 2002.

Recital Repertoire

Voice: The recital program should be based in classical music, represent different styles and periods, and primarily draw from art-song repertoire, with some operatic and/or oratorio repertoire represented. Lieder, chanson, and English art song (American, British, Canadian, etc.) must all be included. A musical theatre section may be included, but can only be a smaller portion of the program.