The Dean's Student Cabinet meets several times each month with the Dean of the School of Music or representative. Three members are elected from each class.

Members of the Dean's Student Cabinet are expected to:

  • attend meetings (or, in emergencies, to send a substitute);
  • identify and report issues of concern to fellow music students;
  • participate in helping address issues over which students, faculty, and administrators have control;
  • help disseminate feedback to the student body;
  • serve as representatives of the School of Music student body (e.g., for the hosting of visitors)

Eligibility and Application: Any music major may apply at the beginning of the year. Students who are to be off campus for no longer than one semester are eligible. Former Dean's Student Cabinet members are eligible for reelection. Application procedures will be sent at the beginning of each academic year.  Selection for the cabinet is made by the Dean of the School of Music.